Small Business Cost Savings

The costs of an in-house bookkeeper or accountant quickly add up. When you consider the expenses of a competitive salary and full-time employee benefits such as training, healthcare, vacation time, sick time, and taxes, employing a single accountant can become prohibitive.

By outsourcing accounting/bookkeeping tasks to a consulting firm like Lescault and Walderman, you’ll benefit from accounting cost reduction in several ways.

  • When you engage us for your accounting needs, you pay an all-inclusive hourly price, and only for time worked. There are no benefit costs, employer taxes, education expenses, workers compensation payments, etc., and no lulls in productivity or wasted payroll dollars associated with correcting mistakes, etc.

outsourced accounting cost savings
  • If a business downturn hits and financial resources dictate a change, rightsizing your accounting outsourcing is much easier and more cost-effective than having to release or lay off a full-time professional. 

  • If a spike in business causes a sudden and significant change in the level of service required, we can adjust and fill in the gaps immediately, without incurring costs for interim shortfalls and recruiting, training and management of in-house staff. 

  • Our business model allows us to adjust to the levels of your accounting needs more efficiently, without carrying unnecessary staff or experiencing shorthanded resources. We can easily reassign our professionals to other projects as needed.

  • Recruiting, hiring, and training new professionals requires a significant investment of both time and money. Because we maintain a qualified and specialized staff at all times, we can help you eliminate these human resource costs.

  • Due to economies of scale, we can perform accounting activities and system management in a lot less time. Our specialized industry experience and continuous training have enabled us to develop systems that provide a superior level of service at a significant cost-savings to you. 

  • Our standardized accounting processes allow us to deliver consistent service across multiple functions, departments, divisions, and regions.

  • We can serve as relationship managers for our clients, working with vendors, financial institutions, insurance agencies, etc. By assuming these time-consuming roles for you, we help you become more efficient and eliminate unnecessary and costly operational issues elsewhere in your business.

These factors combine to reduce overall costs associated with the management and oversight of your financial data.

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