Reduce Your Fraud Risk

Companies with fewer than 100 employees often fail to implement formal financial management controls (especially internal audits). Perhaps this is why they are three times more likely than larger organizations to discover instances of fraud by accident and almost twice as likely to detect fraud when notified by an outside authority. Our staff can help you overcome this.

Even with thorough background checks and robust cash management policies in place, fraud is still a real risk for today’s small businesses. When you outsource your financial management to an impartial third party, you significantly reduce fraud.

Lescault and Walderman help our clients reduce fraud risk by:

  • Segregating purchasing, receiving and cash disbursement responsibilities

  • Implementing secure procedures for receivables

  • Verifying the proper authorization of purchase orders and invoices

  • Periodically reviewing purchasing patterns and vendor documentation

  • Utilizing analytical tools to monitor activity and compliance

Our accounting and consulting services provide critical oversight into your financial management activities.  Having an outside consultant overseeing the everyday numbers and resulting reports allows a system of checks and balances that practically guarantees compliance and zero-balance accountability.

Call us today at 866-496-2042 for a free consultation and let us help you reduce your risk of fraud.