bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliationKnow the single greatest accounting tool to protect your company against fraud?

What are you doing to ensure accurate invoice processing?

Do you understand the true costs of human error as it relates to your accounts?

Are you wasting precious capital on banking fees?

Reconciliation involves comparing two sets of records to make sure they are in agreement.  It is used to ensure the balances between opposing (e.g. asset vs. liability) accounts continue to match.  Assets, Liability, Equity, Revenue and Expense ledgers all need to be reconciled on a regular basis.

While internal reconciliation practices are important, you ultimately need an impartial third party to perform the checks and provide the balance to your overall bookkeeping system.  The troubleshooting experience of a professional bookkeeping consultant can help to ensure the accuracy of your data and pinpoint any problems before they have a negative impact.

Lescault and Walderman believes regular bank and credit reconciliations can reveal more about the real state of an accounting system than any other task that can be performed.  That’s why we work to:

  • identify lost checks, lost deposits, unauthorized transactions and discrepancies
  • monitor bank charges to prevent excess/unjustified fees
  • detect and prevent embezzlement of funds from within your company
  • help you identify and manage your true cash flow
  • trace differences to their source to identify potential unauthorized and/or fraudulent activity
  • ensure accurate records from which to make intelligent management decisions.

Our Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation Services focus on providing the highest level of accuracy and reliability for our clients.  If you need assistance with your account reconciliation and bookkeeping needs, contact us at 866-496-2042.