An All-in-One Solution Designed to Free Up Time and Increase Cash Flow

Our approach includes wholly-customized financial management tools to quickly bill clients, track your staff’s time, and ultimately increase cash flow.

Integrated Time Management

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Consolidate time tracking duties into your accounting system.

On-Demand Billing

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Create client invoice promptly and accurately.

Detailed Reporting

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Generate on-demand and informative reports to facilitate oversight of your employees and revenue.

Stop Wasting Time While Waiting for Invoices

  • Does human error interfere with time tracking for your employees?
  • Do you spend too much time waiting for client invoices to be billed and processed?
  • Can you access reports that illustrate the current position of your business?
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Billing and Time Tracking Solutions with Lescault and Walderman

An effective accounting system will minimize wait time in between billing your clients, which will ultimately increase your cash flow when you need it most.

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We’ve Helped Other Staffing Firms Optimize Their Billing and Time Tracking

Staffing companies enjoy the luxury of multiple staff members working on various sites at any given time. In the current labor market with a higher demand for workers, staffing companies have a substantial opportunity for growth. However, without the proper accounting infrastructure in place, effective time and billing management present some unique logistical challenges.

At Lescault and Walderman with our strategic partnerships, we can implement effective software solutions for billing and time tracking for staffing companies. We also offer ongoing support with software specialists that can optimize your software needs as you grow.

Our process offers a fully customizable accounting solution that easily automates the majority of your time tracking and client invoicing needs. Instead of using antiquated systems, we encourage our clients to utilize a singular platform that supports attendance sign-offs, hour tracking, and ultimately payroll integration to pay your employees accurately and quickly.

As a staffing company, adequate cash flow is critical to sustainability and long-term profitability. Our solutions allow for client invoices to be billed and processed immediately so that you are not waiting for revenue to be generated.

A single accounting dashboard, in addition to ongoing support, will ease your logistical limitations and will free up your time to focus on the growth and success of your staffing firm.

Here's how to get started:

1. Schedule a No-Obligation Call

Your time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it. Let’s schedule a discovery meeting so we can discuss your needs and confirm there’s a fit.

2. Receive Your Accounting Review

We'll review your accounting documents, then provide you with a customized report that includes our findings and our recommendations for moving forward.

3. Attend Review Meeting

We'll host up to a 2 hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations, answer any further questions and outline how we'll work together.

4. Review Your Proposal

Working from our review, we’ll provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement related to your particular processes, software, and systems.

5. Engage Us For Your Needs

If you approve of our recommendations, you’ll sign an engagement letter and we’ll start work!

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