About Lescault & Walderman

Experienced Accounting TeamLescault Walderman is a business consulting firm that specializes in working with small to medium businesses in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region.  We partner with our clients to ensure the selection and implementation of the ideal software solution, the design and deployment of effective accounting processes, the maintenance of accurate and reliable bookkeeping systems and the creation and analysis of effective CFO level reports. Our experienced accounting team of qualified professionals have decades of combined business consulting services experience in a wide variety of industries.

In addition to our in-house CFO, CONTROLLER, BOOKKEEPING, TAX and CONSULTING SERVICES, we also maintain established working relationships with third party vendors that can help us to any additional client needs. This guarantees a single, trustworthy, reliable solution.

If you’re a small to medium sized business located in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) region, seeking an experienced accounting team, contact Lescault and Walderman at 866-496-2042 to schedule a free consultation.

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Matthew Lescault

President & CEO

Matthew Lescault, President and CEO, founded Lescault & Walderman in 2006 to provide Financial Services to small businesses. Matt is responsible for the strategic direction and overall operations of the organization.

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Daryl Muzy

Director of Marketing

Daryl started his career as a Design Manager for an international printing company before transitioning to its Marketing Department to serve as a Regional Marketing Manager.

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Kenneth Jayne

Director of CFO Services

Kenneth is the Director of CFO Services at Lescault & Walderman, with his focus on providing high-level financial services to our clients. His hands-on experience as a CFO allows Kenneth to offer real-life solutions to our clients in every aspect of their financial operations.

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Joseph Frank

Director of Controller and Bookkeeping Services

Joseph Frank is the Director of Controller and Bookkeeping Services. Joseph joined the firm within a year of its inception. Since then he helped define the overall processes of his department.

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Lescault & Walderman Mission Statement

Lescault & Walderman’s mission is to provide professional solutions to our clients, through innovative and practical means according to business and industry practices. We stand firm with people who reflect values, ethics and dedication of our profession, ensuring the best service in every project, regardless of a client’s business practice and status.


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