Frequently Asked Questions

CFO, Controller, Tax Services

There are many reasons to contract with us for our CFO, Controller, Tax Services, and more including:

  • Expertise – because we offer specialized business consulting services across multiple industries, we are able to bring a depth of knowledge and awareness and the benefit of our extensive experience to your accounting and financial management systems
  • Budget – oftentimes, companies entering the all-important growth stage don’t have the budget for the specialized Accounting/CFO services they need to help them successfully reach the next level…contracting with LWI is an affordable way to get the expertise that will help get you to the next level
  • Cost Savings – when you hire LWI, you save on the traditional fringe benefits of an employee (insurance, vacation days, sick days, etc.)

Although we invest a significant amount of time and resources into the creation of your accounting system assessment report, we never charge for work performed prior to the signed engagement. This research phase helps us to get a feel for your organization, its needs, and the overall scope of the project. We want to make every effort to ensure the optimum solution for our clients and establish both the credibility and trust that a long-term relationship requires.

While we have worked with companies from the pre-revenue startup phase to $100 million in annual revenues, the majority of our clients fall in the $2-20 million range. Ultimately, revenue is not indicative of who fits best with our organization. Industry dictates the appropriate range or revenue

Because our services are customized and designed to fit the specific needs of each client, the overall project and ongoing work costs can vary. However, all of our rates are billed on an hourly basis, with accounting services ranging from $50-$250/hour and consulting services ranging from $100-$300/hour. Note that these rates are subject to change based on the scope and complexity of the work being performed, but this should provide a good baseline to help you determine if LWI might be the right fit for your organization.

Once the scope of work and rate are negotiated, Lescault and Walderman will sign an engagement letter outlining the parameters of our working relationship. We will also sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements to protect the information of all involved parties.

Lescault and Walderman professionals are flexible with regard to work location. While we have been a virtual firm since 2009 and the majority of our services are performed remotely, we work based on client needs. We have staff available to work on-site in client offices when needed. Our engagements range from placing interim CFOs on a full-time basis to complete remote accounting support. Please contact us for more details as it relates to your specific situation.

All clients are assigned a team consisting of a Bookkeeper, Controller, Virtual CFO, CPA and/or Partner. These individuals are always selected with industry expertise in mind, to ensure each client benefits from the most qualified individuals.

We utilize a variety of technologies to communicate with and manage our various remote clients.