Great Intuit Third-Party Apps Available

Intuit Third Party AppsIntuit Marketplace is like a superhighway of applications that can work in conjunction with QuickBooks or QuickBase. QuickBooks is the leading accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses. QuickBase is online database software that makes it possible to easily and affordably create web database software applications that are tailor-made for your business. By combining the software with other Intuit third-party apps, businesses can share data easily, eliminate duplicate data entry, cut costs, save time, and much more. Intuit Marketplace has numerous quality third party apps to choose from.

Part of the beauty of Intuit Marketplace is that many software applications are available for numerous industry-specific challenges. Not only can you search for an application by industry, you can also search by business function. If you are unsure about making use of the available Intuit third-party apps, demo and trial copies of various software applications are also available.


  • An example of industry-specific third party apps that are QuickBooks compatible is in the area of employee management, which has 35 third-party apps. In addition to essential accounting needs that are satisfied with QuickBooks, your human resources needs can be met with web and desktop applications offered by Intuit in partnership with various third-party developers. These integrated applications help to maintain employee records, attendance, and time cards; and they can also help with employee management. You can search by features available in the different applications, such as: performance reviews, terminations, expense management and reporting, new hire processing, job assignment, and more.
  • There are 57 third-party apps to choose from in the area of inventory management, for example. Specific application features within that category include: barcode integration, customer shipping, customer relationship management (CRM), multiple bins and warehouses, sales order management, inventory forecasting, and more. Many of the apps offer no-risk free trials.

Differentiating Between Available Apps
One way to quickly determine which apps are popular with businesses is to look at the customer ratings, although some haven’t been rated yet. There are also designations that indicate which apps are thoroughly tested and have proven to be reliable. Gold Developers and Silver Developers have all passed rigorous technical reviews conducted by a third party. To become a Gold Developer, a customer survey must be completed and at least one customer case study must be submitted. Some Gold Developers have been reviewed by ProAdvisor.

Industries with Available Apps
The software apps available on Intuit Marketplace include the following industries: Accounting Professionals, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction/Contractors, Education and Childcare, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hotels and Restaurants, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Property Management, Real Estate, Retail, Service Industry, Shipping and Transportation, Utilities, and Wholesale and Distribution.

Every industry has at least 200 third-party apps to choose from, and they are listed in a breakdown of specific functions.

A group of trusted industry experts and independent developers who have partnered with QuickBooks and QuickBase created all of the software applications found on Intuit Marketplace.

Intuit doesn’t endorse the services, products, content, advertising, or other materials that third party sites present. You can, however, post a negative review about the apps on Intuit Marketplace. There are enough apps available that if one doesn’t work out for you, there is likely another that will satisfactorily meet your needs.

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