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Virtual Team Development Lead

Job Description:

Lescault Walderman, Inc (LWI) is looking for a seasoned US based virtual Team Development Lead. This position will oversee the continual virtual training of between 40 and 50 active remote based accounting staff members, the training of approximately 40 new accounting staff hires annually, and developing both continued and new hire training programs including recording training videos and virtual one-on-one sessions. The Team Development Lead will also be responsible for 30, 60, 90 day new hire performance evaluations to determine if the new hire passes their probationary period as well as annual performance evaluations of active accounting staff. The successful candidate will be supervised by LWI’s Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Frank, and will also directly communicate with key senior staff to ensure a collaborative training environment that aligns with senior management.

Brief History of Lescault & Walderman, Inc.

LWI was founded in 2006 providing outsourced accounting services to clients remotely in a wide range of industries. We have provided remote positions to staff for over 10 years. LWI has the experience and infrastructure to support this work-from-home model. LWI has built a culture that prioritizes both staff and clients. LWI believes in a healthy work life balance for our staff. You will work normal business hours with flexibility. We are not the type of firm who pushes our staff to work 45-60 hour weeks. LWI is scaling rapidly and looking for experienced accountants to help grow the organization. We have experienced moderate growth in all years leading up to 2021 and now service clients globally. Since 2021, LWI has doubled in size from organic growth and two acquisitions. We are looking for opportunistic hires who look forward to a challenge and have a desire to grow with the company.

Role Responsibilities:

Onboarding and Training New Hires:

  • Work closely with Onboarding and Recruiting Manager to onboard new staff.
  • Meet with all new accounting staff hires virtually to train on all LWI internal systems such as timekeeping software – Spring Ahead, client password software – Lastpass, Office365 Email, Microsoft Teams for virtual meeting and document management, and accounting close checklist software – FloQast – used to guide staff during the monthly client financial close process. This will also be accomplished through training videos.
  • Meet with new hires to train on LWI accounting policies such as monthly, quarterly, and annual close procedures.
  • Meet with new hires to explain their role and responsibilities vs other accounting staff roles.
  • Assign new hires to client work and their LWI accounting teams.
  • Provide the new hires with a training outline with written expectations and deadlines.
  • Meet with new hires twice weekly to review their progress and guide their success.
  • Prepare and present 30, 60, and 90 day performance evaluations to staff and senior management.
  • Provide recommendations to senior management to determine if the staff should pass the probationary period or be terminated for failure to perform.

Continued Training of Active Accounting Staff:

Ensure consistent GAAP accounting processes are followed by LWI staff across all assigned clients.

  • Developing active staff to further their careers at LWI through team building and constructive feedback.
  • Review FloQast to ensure LWI staff are using FloQast consistently (as per the LWI FQ User Manual) and complete all FQ tasks timely.
  • Review staff time weekly to compare client workload budgets vs. actual time. Deliver findings semi-annually to senior management.
  • Work with active staff to identify why they are exceeding client work budgets to identify efficiencies and time saving accounting methods.
  • Ensure the staff submit time descriptions consistently and correctly since these time descriptions are visible on the client invoices.
  • Ensure controllers are delegating most of the client work to bookkeepers. The controllers should only spend time reviewing work, not performing work (there are and will be exceptions for example if a bookkeeper is absent, a controller will step in to complete client work).
  • Identify any accounting errors or inconsistencies by staff which will then be addressed in a one-on-one session and followed up until the errors are resolved.
  • Document any accounting errors, inconsistencies, and improvements to senior management to include in future process documents so that these issues or solutions are prevented in the future by LWI staff.
  • Maintaining an Employee Assist List of those staff who would benefit from additional training. Meet with senior management weekly on the progress of those employees.
  • Develop and present performance improvement plans for employees on the assist list.
  • Perform Annual Performance Evaluations for active accounting staff by reviewing a sample of their work and meeting with their team members for feedback.

Identify various monthly training topics to present to all accounting staff during our accounting staff monthly call.  Followed up by individual one-on-one training sessions for those interested or affected by the subject.

Collaboration with Quality Control Manager:

LWI employs a Quality Control Manager who reviews all clients on different frequencies based on the client size (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) to ensure LWI accounting policies and practices are followed across all client accounting services.

  • Create a positive and collaborative relationship with the QC manager.
  • The QC manager will identify clients with accounting errors or inconsistencies with a written report. The Team Development Lead will then follow up with the staff member(s) responsible for the errors or inconsistencies for the next few months on training and oversight to ensure the issues are corrected.
  • It is imperative that the QC manager and Team Development Lead work together to develop and agree on the training criteria for accounting staff and update LWI’s accounting policies/procedures to ensure a cohesive approach to training staff.

Expand the Development of Training Program: 

  • LWI has begun developing a training program for new hires. The Team Development Lead will work with senior management and QC Manager to expand this program.
  • Identify the types of continued training subjects with senior management and QC.
  • Record training videos for staff training.
  • Develop New Leaf training software that has the ability to create training paths and incorporate videos into the platform.

Weekly Calls with Managers: 

Schedule recurring weekly video calls with senior management to discuss any issues associated with staff.

Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate will show strength in the following areas.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting
  • A minimum of 7 years progressive experience in accounting
  • Public accounting or consulting experience given preferential consideration
  • A minimum of 5 years proven successful record of creating, implementing, and training a successful team.
  • A minimum of 5 years proven successful record of creating and implementing successful policies and procedures surrounding training an accounting team, onboarding, writing evaluations, preparing management training and hosting training webinars on a global scale.
  • Must be extremely personable and extraverted; a team player willing to go the extra mile
  • Must be extremely collaborative with the team and managers
  • Must exhibit a professional, but approachable demeanor when hosting and conducting meetings
  • Must be very detail and schedule oriented

Benefits include

  • Work from home with flexible schedule
  • 401(k) plan with Employer Match
  • Universal Paid Time Off
  • Paid holidays for salaried staff
  • Group Medical & Dental
  • Company paid long-term disability
  • Company paid life insurance and AD&D
  • Optional short-term disability
  • Referral Bonus Program

Salary and Hourly Range

Compensation is for a full-time position at $45 – $50 per hour, commensurate with experience.

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