Your Members Matters: Membership and Association Accounting Software

As a nonprofit membership organization, building value for your members and donors is high on your list of priorities. Keeping your members happy and focusing on donor relations is essential to pursuing your mission.

Integrating a software solution that keeps your members’ needs in mind will create better workflows, promote membership growth, and keep your stakeholders happy.

Delivering More Value Through Membership Accounting Software

Your accounting solution matters just as much as your members, but the software you use may not be putting them first. Membership organizations, advocacy groups, and benefit associations should reevaluate their accounting processes to better serve their members.

By using an association accounting software built for managing membership dues and funds, you’ll:

  • Improve donor satisfaction
  • Enhance member relationships and retention
  • Gain seamless financial management and real-time insight
  • Strengthen internal controls and accountability
  • Save money and resources

Top Capabilities Your Association Management Software Should Feature

One of the best things you can do for your members is streamline your financials with accounting software built specifically for membership associations. Here are the top features to look for:

Automation of time-consuming, manual tasks

Manual entry, consolidations, and reconciliation take hours — if not days — of time away from more value-driven strategies. A lack of real-time financial reporting shouldn’t delay important business decisions.

Greater control over membership tracking and dues

With an intuitive financial dashboard, tracking financials across departments or by individual members is as simple as clicking a button.

Seamless software integrations into a single system

Rather than using several disconnected systems and silos, your association management software should easily integrate into one seamless system, offering multi-dimensional reporting, greater financial insight, and reducing data redundancy.

Flexible, cloud-based solution 

With software built for the cloud, you’ll gain access to reporting across devices and be able to connect directly with your members. Cloud reporting allows you to easily manage membership dues and accelerate your mission.

Working alongside an outsourced partner with a membership accounting platform like Sage Intacct — the leading member and association accounting software that delivers data-driven reports and key insights to your fingertips — will help you stay profitable while building value for your members.

Return Your Focus to Your Members With Outsourced Accounting

Being proactive with your membership accounting isn’t easy. It’s unlikely you’re as passionate about business financials as you are with your cause, and that’s okay. At Lescault and Walderman, we aim to provide the tools you need to succeed and reach your goals, but we don’t stop there. We’ll empower you by providing ongoing management and support, keeping you on track for future success.

With an outsourced partner, you’ll be able to dedicate valuable time to your members and focus on what matters most to you. Sign up for a free call today, and we’ll find the software that’s right for you!

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