Monthly Bookkeeping, while not as resource intensive as Full Charge, is still a comprehensive service. Clients that engage us for this service typically have their own staff handling day-to-day transactions and we ensure accuracy in the monthly data being delivered to management.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services allow business owners to have the piece of mind that the work being performed by their staff is accurate.  We handle oversight and management of the accounting system and work closely with our clients staff in order to produce accurate and timely accounting information to the management of our clients.

Our Monthly Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Bank Account transaction entry and reconciliation
  • Credit Card transaction entry and reconciliation
  • Review and preparation of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Consultation with Account Manager to review financials and business position
  • Depreciation tracking and entry
  • Tracking of Amortization of Liabilities
  • Custom Reporting