Online computer support’ can be defined as a kind of services that is provided by the companies in order to help the customer over different computer issues. computer support may be provided to the various companies or simple home users. It seems that every organization have a large number of computer whether it is working in technical fields or non-technical because it is a demand of the new generation who wants everything fast. Even a student always looks to computer for the entertainment, study and etc. So, it is very important to provide the efficient computer support over the different computer issues.

Major companies have own team of technicians for computer technical support or outsource the computer support to the other companies. Computer technical support can be divided into following different categories:

1.Online Computer Support: — This category provides the computer support over the Internet.
1.Remote Computer Support: — This category provides the computer support over the remote session. Many organizations are providing the remote support that is done by software which helps in taking the remote control of the user computer.
1.Telephonic Computer Support: — This category provides the computer support over the telephone. Any customer can call the computer support center. Many companies are providing the toll-free numbers for their customers.
2.Door to door Computer Support: — In this category, a technician provides the computer support at the user home. A user can call for this service at specific time duration.
We will discuss all the services that come under the online technical support, Online computer support mainly responsible for the computer optimization and repair but all list are the following:–

1. Computer Installation

2. Computer Optimization

3. Computer Repair

4. Computer Support

5. Computer Setup

6. Computer Support Services

7. Computer Setup and Install

8. Computer Troubleshoot

By all the above discussion, we can conclude that computer support plays an important in order to make the healthy relation with customers because it delivers the satisfaction and makes the reputation across the customers.

Alina wilson – About the Author:

Alina Wilson is a technical and security specialist, associated with numerous tech firms including iYogi. iYogi is synergistic ally aligned to offer tech support, computer repair, PC help services, Microsoft support, computer support, online technical support, data back-up servicesto its clients in Australia, US, UK and Canada by Microsoft certified technician.

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