C-Level Professional Staffing Services

Recruiting and interviewing senior-level financial professionals can be costly and time consuming for the rapid growth businesses that need them most.  Add in the loss of operational productivity and the risks of making bad hiring decision and the challenge becomes even greater. That’s where our professional staffing services comes in.

Fortunately, Lescault & Walderman offers a variety of staffing solutions to free up your operational resources, provide a seamless transition and increase your hiring success rate in this critical area.

We focus on helping companies:

  • recruit and hire Controllers, Directors of Finance, and Chief Financial Officers
  • interview and place CPAs (in other accounting companies)
  • develop organizational accounting/finance department structure
  • find and transition Interim Controllers and CFO’s

Each of our recruiters have extensive experience in the placement of C-level finance and accounting professionals, utilizing technical backgrounds and proven credentials to help you find the ideal candidate for your specific needs.

Our Process

Professional Staffing ServicesThe Benefits of Working with LWI for Your Staffing Needs

Working with Lescault and Walderman to meeting your staffing needs offers several key benefits, including: industry specialization, extensive industry connections and a personal human resources partnership.

Because our staff of recruiters and professional staffing services thoroughly understand the skills and abilities required for success in the accounting and financial management fields, they are better able to identify and differentiate top candidates.  In addition, because we are well-versed in hiring and salary trends in the industry, we are better positioned to negotiate favorable terms with the right professional.

Thanks to our industry specialization, we have developed deep connections with national and local professional networks.  This allows us to more quickly navigate the sea of potential candidates and be more proactive in the identification of the right candidate.

Finally, because of our mission and approach to serving small to medium businesses, we work hard to develop personal long-term relationships and partnerships that seek the greatest benefit for all involved parties.  This personalized approach has helped us to earn a reputation and respect that opens many doors and ensures higher quality results.

Temporary to Permanent Professional Recruiting

Our staffing services can provide you with immediate access to an interim CFO or Controller, or connect you with a qualified and experienced professional to permanently handle your financial system needs.  Whatever your needs, we are equipped to work with you to find the right solution.

Contact us using the consultation form below or call us at 866-496-2042 for more information on our C-level Professional Staffing Services.