Tax Services

Tax Services

Business Tax ServicesLescault and Walderman specializes in providing tax planning and preparation services to small-to-medium sized businesses and their owners, working year-round to ensure full compliance and proper local, state and federal tax assessments. By incorporating tax services into our ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services, we are able to offer our clients significant cost savings and peace of mind.

Our Tax Services include:

  • analyzing tax objectives and management strategies
  • developing an effective plan for managing ongoing tax-related tasks and issues
  • researching and adjusting to constantly changing regulations
  • complying with local, state and federal statutes and codes
  • managing sales tax obligations
  • minimizing near and long-term tax liability

From optimizing deductions to tracking sales tax to preparing returns, we offer a full range of tax solutions. So, whether you’re looking for short-term tax assistance or long-term tax management, Lescault and Walderman can scale our solutions to fit your needs. Contact us today at 866-496-2042.

Individual Tax Services

Lescault and Walderman provides individual tax planning and preparation for owners/partners of small to medium sized businesses. Our services focus on addressing the complex and unique reporting requirements encountered by our corporate clients. To accomplish this, we work year-round, maintaining contact with our clients, assisting in financial affairs that ultimately affect their tax liabilities. This allows us to develop and manage an effective ongoing tax plan, taking full advantage of time-sensitive strategies.


Small Business Tax Services

Lescault and Walderman’s Business Tax Services center around ongoing tax planning and preparation to ensure regulatory compliance and timely and properly satisfied liabilities. We are vigilant in our continuing education, working to understand and apply the latest and most appropriate tax practices. Our experience allows us to assist clients with all of their federal and state reporting requirements.


State and Local Taxes

Lescault and Walderman’s has helped local DC, Maryland and Virginia small businesses to manage their state and local tax liabilities. Our approach to State and Local Tax (SALT) Reporting and Filing Services focus on providing solutions that adhere to solid business practices, satisfy corporate governance, utilize ideal tax treatments and comply with all applicable laws and rules. Over the years we’ve helped clients in a wide variety of industries to maintain regulatory compliance while meeting their business objectives.


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