This is the most basic bookkeeping service available; year end services allow business owners to have a guarantee that there taxes will be accurate without the cost of CPA firms to handle this. We offer these services mainly to sole proprietors and small businesses with very minimum financial activity.

Many Small Business do not need their accounting system updated throughout the year.  These businesses typically do not require Cash Flow Planning or utilize their accounting information for management purposes.  Typically, we see these characteristics from Sole Proprietors and start up businesses.

Our Year End Bookkeeping Services are designed to be a cost defective alternative to having your CPA handle your bookkeeping tasks.  We work directly with your CPA throughout the Tax Planning and Preparation process.

Our Year End Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Bank Account transaction entry and reconciliation
  • Credit Card transaction entry and reconciliation
  • Loan Tracking
  • Review and Preparation of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Consultation with Account Manager to review financials and business position

This service is a compliment to the CPA services you have engaged.  If you currently do not have a professional handling you Tax Planning and Preparation work we can refer you to one of our partner CPAs.