As a partner, Lescault & Walderman offers access to Clio- the #1 case management software for layers and law firms.

Clio- Everything You Need to Manage Your Law Firm

You got into law to be a lawyer, right? You spent all of those late night hours in law school to perfect your craft and dominate on the courtroom floor, right? We’re pretty sure you didn’t spend all that energy to have to bill clients, manage documents, update time sheets, make sure you get paid on time, and the like.

Well, you don’t have to anymore.

We’ve officially partnered with Clio, the #1 preferred case management software for lawyers. Clio handles just about every administrative task you face as a business owner and the leader of your law practice.

Organization & Efficiency

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Keep all document management, billing, time tracking, and other admin tasks all in one secure place.

Collaboration & Communication


Utilize shared calendars, messaging, and document management to keep everyone on the same page.

Client Service & Satisfaction

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Easily communicate and update clients through the use of Clio’s Client Portal.

Practicing Law is Hard Enough

  • Are your practice’s files spread out across multiple systems?
  • Do you struggle with clear communication and expectations with your staff?
  • Does client communication and billing sometimes slip through the cracks?
Inhouse accounting is painful. Need an outsourced accounting firm.

It’s time to stop wasting time. As a lawyer and business owner, you’re pulled in every direction every single day. Simplify your life, get organized, grow your business with Clio.

Everything You Need with Clio

We like technology. But more importantly, we like technology that works well with other technology. That’s exactly what you’re getting with Clio.
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Clio integrates well with other financial software like Sage Intacct. These integrations simplifies the financial management process by syncing billing and invoicing data between Clio and your preferred accounting software.

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Case Management

There’s a lot to be a lawyer. Documents, case files, client information, appointment setting, client satisfaction. Good news. You can literally do all of this on Clio in a safe, secure platform.

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You don’t know what you don’t know. All of this really cool stuff that Clio can do… well it also takes all of it and creates incredibly insightful reports for you when you want them. These are the answers to the tests of making big decisions.

Here's how to get started:

1. Schedule a No-Obligation Call

Your time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it. Let’s schedule a discovery meeting so we can discuss your needs and confirm there’s a fit.

2. Receive Your Accounting Review

We'll review your accounting documents, then provide you with a customized report that includes our findings and our recommendations for moving forward.

3. Attend Review Meeting

We'll host up to a 2 hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations, answer any further questions and outline how we'll work together.

4. Review Your Proposal

Working from our review, we’ll provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement related to your particular processes, software, and systems.

5. Engage Us For Your Needs

If you approve of our recommendations, you’ll sign an engagement letter and we’ll start work!

Make Life Easier with Clio

Practicing law is hard enough. You have a lot on your plate getting ready to defend your client. Why waste time trying to manage every little aspect of your business?

Well, with Clio, that management process just got way easier, more efficient, and a lot more secure.

We are proud to partner with Clio, the #1 preferred case management software for lawyers.

As you know, we are technology accounting nerds. We love Clio because not only does it work, it works really well with your accounting software. You’ll be able to streamline and automate just about every business function that passes through your law firm: case management, billing, time tracking, client engagement, scheduling, and more.

If you’re even the slightest bit curious if Clio will make your life a bit easier, give us a call and we’ll chat.

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