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We understand how important daily financial management is to your business.

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Full or part time Controller Services, we have the experience you need.

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Most successful small businesses are unable to afford the cost of a full-time CFO.

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Today’s businesses outsource their bookkeeping, accounting and CFO service needs for any number of reasons.  Some are looking to reduce costs. Some are seeking to reduce the risk of fraud in their organization.   Still others are trying to free up time to allow for increased focus on core functions.

Whatever your reason for accounting bookkeeping outsourcing, Lescault & Walderman is prepared to help you achieve your goals, while increasing the quality of your day-to-day accounting operations.

We offer many unique benefits to our clients, including:

  • Extensive industry-specific knowledge
  • Dedicated team of specialists
  • Cost savings
  • Tailor-made solutions

Extensive Industry-specific Accounting and Bookkeeping Experience

We focus on serving select industries such as Law Firms, Government Contractors and Non Profits. This has allowed us to accumulate greater insight and expert knowledge of the mechanics, procedures and practices that best serve the accounting needs of clients in these industries.  By engaging Lescault and Walderman for your industry-specific accounting, bookkeeping and CFO needs, you’ll benefit from thousands of hours of unique and proven insight into the best financial management practices for your business (an essential shortcut in any business environment).

Dedicated Accounting and Bookkeeping Staff

We employ a highly-trained and experienced staff of accounting and bookkeeping professionals, each uniquely equipped to handle specific industries and subjects. By maintaining such a focused talent pool, we are able to dedicate the most appropriate resources to each client. That means you get the benefit of an individual who already knows your industry inside and out and is ready to start adding value and providing return on investment from day one!

Potential Cost Savings

Because we specialize in providing accounting and bookkeeping services, we are able to more efficiently perform the financial management and analysis tasks involved in maintaining an effective accounting system. This enables us to realize significant cost savings and then pass those savings along to our clients.  

With multiple clients in each industry, we gain experience exponentially which allows us to recognize and solve common challenges before they are able to negatively impact your business.  This adds to your cost savings by helping you to avoid losses.

Customized Accounting Systems and Solutions

We have years of combined experience and authoritative knowledge in all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping. Thanks to our broad exposure to the challenges of our clients, we are uniquely qualified to offer completely customized solutions to address any number of financial management situations.


Lescault & Walderman’s Financial Services Division specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, and virtual CFO consulting services. These services are designed to manage, maintain, and oversee the internal accounting process for our clients.

Lescault & Walderman’s Financial Services Division specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, and virtual CFO consulting services. These services are designed to manage, maintain, and oversee the internal accounting process for our clients.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals can find themselves struggling to juggle multiple disparate roles. Staying on top of financial issues while managing a business & employees is a process in itself. That’s why Lescault & Walderman offers the following

Whether you’re seeking professional advise and assistance on setting up a bookkeeping system, creating a viable budget, managing accounts payable/receivable or some combination of these and other professional financial management services, Lescault and Walderman is ready to serve you.  Our hourly billing rates are affordable and allow us to customize and provide the right type and level of service to each client, growing with them as their business experiences success.

We have experience with and offer accounting services to a wide variety of industries, developing custom solutions for the Construction, Staffing, Legal, Non-Profit, and Government Contractor industries.

Built on efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy, we strive to provide our clients with the up-to-date information that enables them to make smart and informed business decisions.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between accounting and bookkeeping.

We do more than just help businesses meet the necessary compliance requirements — we take the time to understand your business and help improve overall performance. Lescault & Walderman provides complete accounting services that focus on the special needs of your business.


Lescault & Walderman’s Consulting Services Division specializes in Business Formation and Accounting Systems Implementation. These services are designed to select and implement the ideal structure, software and systems for your unique business needs.

Lescault and Walderman offers startup and technical services that assist small businesses in

Our software implementation services include consulting, advising and setting up software systems for Accounting, Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Client Billing, Inventory Management and Commission Management.

Our process/systems design consulting services include the creation and implementation of everything from expense tracking systems and to payroll procedures to complete accounting procedure documentation.  We also specialize in software and technical solutions, partnering with some of the industry’s most respected names.

Our staffing services include recruiting and hiring advisement as well as training and ongoing staff management.

Our complete entity selection services include assessment, business planning, ownership structuring, entity formation, succession planning and more.

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