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Setting Lyon Stahl Up To Scale:
Audits, Proposals, & Planning For The Future


In their partnership with Lescault & Walderman, Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate discovered the perfect team to help them bridge a critical staffing gap after the sudden retirement of their bookkeeper.

Lyon Stahl relied heavily on a one-person accounting team, aware that they were using inefficient systems. On the brink of scaling, their bookkeeper decided not to stay on for this next phase, and they unexpectedly parted ways. Lescault & Walderman, a renowned Sage Intacct Accounting Partner (SIAP), came on board to help them find the best solution.

We performed thorough financial audits and created a detailed proposal to suit their needs. The results have included significant time and cost savings, relief and accountability, and the formation of a trusted ongoing partnership.

Client: Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate

Company Size: Small-Medium (30 – 35 employees; 60 – 70)

Location: United States

Solution: Financial Audit and Proposal; Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Accounting, Reporting, and Reviews


Lyon Stahl was an unfortunate victim of the Retirement Revolution. They had a lifelong bookkeeper who had been with them since Day 1. Recently the company has experienced significant growth. Unfortunately, their bookkeeper was nearing retirement, and was not prepared to take on their growing transaction volume. In an unexpected turn, she resigned, taking years of institutional knowledge with her.

Their key challenges included:

  • A Critical Vacancy: Lyon Stahl needed a qualified bookkeeper who could join them and hit the ground running.
  • The Need For Efficient Systems: They recognized that they were stuck in old habits, using inefficient processes.
  • Inaccurate Information: Some financials had been mismanaged as a result of misinformation.
  • Promote Internally / Hire / Outsource: They had to decide whether to train an existing employee, hire someone new, or outsource.
  • Finding the Right Replacement: They needed someone with sound experience, who also embraced change and new challenges.

Lyon Stahl partnered with Lescault & Walderman to “look under the hood” at their books, processes, and operations, and propose a plan for the way forward.


Lescault & Walderman, backed by our track record and reputation, helped Lyon Stahl discover a simpler way to handle their accounting based on mutual trust. During this transition, we accommodated them with a flexible approach to find the best fit.

We provided guidance to help them optimize their systems, problem-solve, and strategize with sound financial planning. We got all backlogged accounting tasks up to date, and our real-time reporting tools now give them an accurate, high-level view of their financials.


See the tangible outcomes of our collaborative efforts and commitment to helping Lyon Stahl navigate the Retirement Revolution.

Time Saved

We saved the Lyon Stahl team 20 – 30 hours of tedious research, by helping them identify and fixing key problem areas that were hindering their operational efficiency.

Relief and Accountability

We were able to release the Lyon Stahl team to continue with their day-to-day operations, while we managed their finances on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Trusted Partnership

In Lescault & Walderman, Lyon Stahl discovered a team dedicated to supporting and seeing them succeed. We’ve bridged a critical gap in their business and are ready to scale with them.

“We’re not dealing with one person now, we’re dealing with a team. Having that safety net and multiple sets of eyes to check on all those workflows helps me not miss anything, and helps me feel comfortable that everything is done correctly.”

Casey Collins

Casey Collins

Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate Director of Finance

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