Establish Confident Law Firm IOLTA Accounting and Trust Accounting Processes

Our team can pinpoint the software you need to manage your client trust liabilities and red-flag any violations before they happen.

Organized Client Trust Liabilities


Automate your financial data entry so that every number is accounted for.

Accurate IOLTA Reconciliations


Simplify the reconciliation process to ensure balance between your client’s trust ledger and your operating account.

On-Demand Trust Reporting


Produce dependable trust reports quickly and on-time.

Don’t Put Your Law Firm at Risk

  • Are you relying on paper records to track your client’s trust ledger?
  • Can you quickly transfer funds between accounts?
  • Do you and your staff waste time salvaging trust reports when they are needed to satisfy compliance regulations?

Ensure IOLTA Account Compliance With Lescault & Walderman

IOLTA accounting can forge a credible partnership between you and your client. However, if mishandled, you are not only putting your client’s confidence at risk… you are also putting your entire law firm in jeopardy. Save yourself the trouble.

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We’ve helped other Law Firms optimize efficiency

Law firm trust accounting can be tricky. State Bars impose strict reporting requirements with little margin for error. Firms must adhere to a particular process while managing a client trust account and appropriating funds.

At Lescault and Walderman, our accounting experts recognize the process in its entirety: from collecting the client’s retainer, transferring funds between accounts at the proper time, and balancing the ledger.

Reliable IOLTA accounting services must start with accurate record keeping. If you cannot report every dollar flowing between each account, your firm may be susceptible to infractions down the road.

When it is time to pay the bills, ignorance is no excuse. Comingling funds between your client’s trust account and your operating budget can lead to substantial fines or even disbarment. It is astonishing how often this happens.

Each state has specific IOLTA accounting requirements that should not be taken lightly. If you are unclear about any regulations, you may in fact be managing your client’s trust account unlawfully.

Your ability to diagnose issues with your client trust accounting practices can save you a lot of pain down the road. With the right processes and proper guidance, your firm can mitigate any chance of risk and build lasting relationships with your clients.

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