SaaS Bookkeeping Services

Lescault and Walderman offers outsourced SaaS bookkeeping services that provide automated bookkeeping, account reconciliations, payroll, and support.

The SaaS Bookkeeping Help You Have Been Looking For

Are you tired of manually entering financial transactions into an Excel spreadsheet? Are you done wondering why your balance sheets refuse to add up? Are you ready to focus on the core functions of your SaaS company and less on accounting and bookkeeping? Welcome to Lescault and Walderman. Our SaaS bookkeeping services delivers cost-friendly, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services to SaaS companies. We will handle the financial data, while you focus on your software product.

Automated Data Entry

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Do away with manual Excel data entry and replace it with the best SaaS accounting software.

Financial Statement Review


Receive guidance from industry experts on your balance sheet, income statement, and tax records.

Insightful Reporting

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Turn your contextual financial data into meaningful and actionable insights for growth.

Stop the Bookkeeping Headache Once and for All

  • Do you manually enter financial transactions across several spreadsheets?
  • Would you benefit from guidance from an SaaS accounting professional?
  • Does your financial data help you make business decisions?
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In the early stages of your SaaS company, you should be focused on developing your product- not bookkeeping. Our SaaS bookkeeping services will take the busy work out of your hands so you can work on what you love most.

Here’s Why Bookkeeping for SaaS Companies Can Help You Grow

SaaS companies have a variety of bookkeeping needs. We can tailor our solutions for you.
Controller Services Monthly Close Oversight

Cost-Effective Solution

Minimize your overhead expenses in the early stages of your development with outsourced bookkeeping services that are cheaper and more qualified than an in-house staff.

Controller Services Internal Control Management

Customized Service Offerings

Select the bookkeeping services that are meaningful to you and disregard the rest- we will make our suggestions but your solution will be 100% customized to your needs and goals.

Controller Services Regulatory Compliance

Efficiency and Speed

Consolidate hours worth of bookkeeping capabilities into an integrated accounting software- saving you precious time that can be spent developing your product and networking with funders.

Here's how to get started:

1. Schedule a No-Obligation Call

Your time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it. Let’s schedule a discovery meeting so we can discuss your needs and confirm there’s a fit.

2. Receive Your Accounting Review

We'll review your accounting documents, then provide you with a customized report that includes our findings and our recommendations for moving forward.

3. Attend Review Meeting

We'll host up to a 2 hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations, answer any further questions and outline how we'll work together.

4. Review Your Proposal

Working from our review, we’ll provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement related to your particular processes, software, and systems.

5. Engage Us For Your Needs

If you approve of our recommendations, you’ll sign an engagement letter and we’ll start work!

SaaS Bookkeeping Services for Startups and Small Businesses

As a small business SaaS owner, you are forced to wear many hats- CEO, CFO, Director of Marketing and Sales, Customer Service Rep. We understand how difficult it can be to be pulled in many different directions. That’s why we are here to help.

At Lescault and Walderman, we help business owners by removing burdensome accounting and bookkeeping tasks so they can focus on the core functions of their business. Our SaaS bookkeeping services will finally give you the bookkeeping help you need so you can focus on what matters most.

To put you on the path to profitability, our team will automate all of your bookkeeping tasks in a singular, easy-to-use accounting software. You will be able to easily manage your accounts payable and receivable, payroll, bank and credit card reconciliations, and tax obligations. We won’t force you to be an accountant- but we will show you how to use the software and stand by your side when you need us.

As accountants, we believe your best business decisions can be found in your financial data. With the help of our team, your financial statements and financial reports will turn into your greatest assets and provide important information for your financial future.

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