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Lyon Stahl’s Path to Efficiency: How LWI’s Free Evaluation Paved the Way


Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate found a strategic partner in Lescault & Walderman when they faced a critical challenge. With various financial issues surfacing, Lyon Stahl needed a solution.

As they grappled with the complexities of their growing transaction volume, Lyon Stahl required a modern and efficient approach that would enable them to streamline and automate internal financial processes.

In response, we introduced our free accounting evaluation and analysis – a process that was instrumental in identifying inefficiencies and providing strategic recommendations. This collaborative effort not only addressed immediate concerns but also laid the foundation for Lyon Stahl’s streamlined future.

Client: Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate

Company Size: Small-Medium (30 – 35 employees; 60 -70)

Location: United States

Solution: Financial Audit and Proposal; Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Accounting, Reporting, and Reviews


For Lyon Stahl, the challenge was clear – to elevate their financial operations, ensuring they could scale seamlessly while maintaining the highest level of precision. The pressure of making the right choices in a rapidly evolving financial landscape weighed heavily on their shoulders.

Their key challenges included:

  • Outdated Systems: The company recognized the inefficiencies of their existing processes and the necessity for a modern accounting approach.
  • Inaccurate Information: Mismanagement led to inaccuracies in their financial records.
  • Choosing the Right Path: Lyon Stahl needed to decide whether to train an existing employee to manage their accounting needs, hire a new team member, or outsource their accounting.
  • Finding the Right Fit: The search was on for a financial partner with expertise, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit.

In the face of these multifaceted challenges, Lyon Stahl needed a strategic and comprehensive solution to regain control of their financial processes and ensure sustainable growth.


With Lescault & Walderman’s seasoned expertise, Lyon Stahl found a pathway to transformation that was tailored to their unique needs. Our free accounting evaluation and analysis kicked off with a comprehensive review of Lyon Stahl’s financial infrastructure.

We meticulously examined Lyon Stahl’s accounting and bookkeeping systems, leaving no stone unturned. This deep dive laid the foundation for informed decision-making. Armed with insights from the review, we worked closely with Lyon Stahl to create a customized roadmap, finely tuned to align with their growth objectives – to streamline and automate internal financial processes.


Lyon Stahl’s commitment to data-driven decision-making paid off, as they witnessed remarkable results:

Efficiency Unleashed

With LWI’s guidance, Lyon Stahl saved significant time and resources, freeing up 20-30 hours per week that had previously been consumed by inefficient processes.

Operational Relief

Lyon Stahl could refocus on their core operations while LWI managed their finances, providing weekly, monthly, and quarterly support.

Trusted Partnership

Lescault & Walderman became more than an accounting partner; they became a pillar of support, bridging critical gaps and ensuring Lyon Stahl’s readiness for the future.

“Having the analysis your team provided us – allowing us to evaluate all the way layered down to the fine print and every line item – was relieving. It made our decision easier to know that if we were to pay X, we’re going to get exactly Y in return. And it feels like we have.”

Casey Collins

Casey Collins

Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate Director of Finance

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