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Small businesses that use commissions to compensate employees have some unique concerns. While it might seem that accounting software options may be limited for these companies, there are actually specific commission management software programs now on the market, and we can help you find just the right one to meet all of your needs.

lwcommissionsWhy should you stop processing commissions manually? Commission software actually offers small business owners a variety of advantages when compared with calculating commissions manually including…

Faster and More Accurate Commissions Payments

With all the information needed to calculate commissions payments mistakes can be made quite frequently. When you use commission software though it’s fast and easy to calculate accurate commissions payments and ensure both you and your employees are being compensated properly.

Reduced Overhead

In addition to increasing the speed and accuracy of payroll administration, commission software can also reduce overhead expenditures at the same time. Organizing, and tracking commissions can now be done with just a few clicks by the employee him/herself as opposed to having one individual burdened with the task of compiling, entering, and tracking all the sales, calculating the corresponding commissions, then making the required payments.

Improved Employee Productivity

Implementing commission software can also improve employee productivity. By making progress and payments more visible than ever before, trust is automatically increased between employees and employers. With that, morale is improved all around, and, more importantly, employees are inspired and driven to be more productive on a nearly consistent basis.

Compile Data for More Informed Decision Making

Business owners, managers, and employees alike will benefit from the data that can be compiled from the right commission software. It makes everything from analyzing profitability to identifying sales trends to understanding the effectiveness and performance of your team much clearer.

These are just a few of the benefits your company will experience from choosing Lescault and Walderman to help select the best commission software to meet your needs. Contact our Software Implementation Services team today for a free consultation so you can learn more about what commission software, along with all of our other accounting software solutions, can do to enhance the performance of your small business.


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