Time Tracking Software

Effective time tracking software can help companies determine availability, analyze client profitability, estimate ROI, and maximize profitability. By Lescault and Walderman has worked with a wide variety of software solutions, each of which allow our clients to capture, classify and evaluate the impact of labor efforts and costs.

  • lwtimetrackingManaging employees is easy and efficient with time tracking software which allows manager and business owners to accomplish other tasks they previously didn’t have time for.
  • With a solid time tracking program businesses can not only track the actual time employees are at work, you can verify what they’re doing while they’re at work. This allows you to make sure that assigned projects are being completed on time and verify with just a few clicks, that you’ll meet your deadlines because your employees are meeting theirs.
  • You’ll also be able to manage employee sick leave, vacation time, overtime, and other benefits easily when you’re able to implement the best time tracking software.
  • This type of accounting software is instrumental in making ‘bonuses and commissions much easier to calculate accurately as well.
  • Implementing time tracking software can also aid your small business in making a variety of different business decisions by providing valuable information on project expenditures, overall employee costs, and much more.


Lescault and Walderman Bookkeeping Services

Our complete line of Software Implementation Services also includes Accounting Software, Expense Tracking Software, Commission Software and Billing Software.