Bookkeeping Help for Real Estate

Whether you are a real estate investor, property manager, or real estate developer your financial data will drive every decision you make for your current or prospective properties. If you ever felt bogged down by numbers, or have made ill-advised decisions based on faulty data, we know how you feel. That’s why we help real estate professionals like you automate and streamline your bookkeeping capabilities so you always feel confident in your financial data.

Real Estate Bookkeeping Software


Automate and organize financial data with customized technology solutions.

High Level Oversight


Maintain efficiency and accuracy with controller and CFO supervision.

Audit Preparedness


Build trust with money lenders and gain easier access for capital to expand.

Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities Due to Mismanaged Financial Data

  • Does your accounting software allow you to categorize revenue and expenses across multiple entities?
  • Would you benefit from project-based, enterprise-level support from an accounting professional?
  • Is your financial data organized and presentable for potential money lenders?

Our bookkeeping services for real estate developers and investors takes the guesswork out of the numbers. We will implement a system for you that easily organizes and manages your financial data so you can focus on expansion and operations. It’s that easy.

Here’s How Our Bookkeeping Services for Real Estate Works

Our goal is to get you up and running with no disruption to your business. Here’s what we can do.

Bookkeeping Software for Real Estate

We will identify and implement the appropriate accounting technology that automates all bookkeeping functions: data entry, cost allocation, project billing, and more.


Bookkeeping Support

We will routinely check in on your finances to ensure your business is in the best position to tackle its next investment opportunity.


Strategic Decision Making

We will provide you with access to experienced real estate accountants to help you make smarter decisions for growth.

Here's how to get started:

1. Schedule a No-Obligation Call

Your time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it. Let’s schedule a discovery meeting so we can discuss your needs and confirm there’s a fit.

2. Receive Your Accounting Review

We'll review your accounting documents, then provide you with a customized report that includes our findings and our recommendations for moving forward.

3. Attend Review Meeting

We'll host up to a 2 hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations, answer any further questions and outline how we'll work together.

4. Review Your Proposal

Working from our review, we’ll provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement related to your particular processes, software, and systems.

5. Engage Us For Your Needs

If you approve of our recommendations, you’ll sign an engagement letter and we’ll start work!

Real Estate Bookkeeping: Fast and Affordable

Many real estate professionals prefer a DIY approach when handling their business. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that too much time can be spent organizing financial data instead of growing the business. That’s where we come in.

With Lescault & Walderman, our bookkeeping services for real estate professionals are designed to remove the stress and time-spent of bookkeeping. Our technology-driven bookkeeping services will deliver the accurate financial data you need, in a fraction of the cost and time.

Fortunately, our experience resides in the real estate industry and accounting technology. With our partnerships, we can identify which accounting software works best for you and quickly implement the technology for you and your team. Through our technology recommendations, you can streamline otherwise time-intense bookkeeping tasks, identify areas of profitability, and easily stay on top of the financial health of your real estate investment or development company.

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