Entrepreneurship comes with many challenges and risks, it also comes with a sense of ownership which makes letting go of any of the reigns difficult.

However, while dealing with challenges such as customer acquisition and market competition, it would be wise to delegate tasks that you are less comfortable with to experts. To feel confident in handing over your financial data, you need an accounting firm you can trust. There are a few things to consider when choosing an accounting company as you want to be sure your business’s financial needs will be met fully. Here are some key factors to consider before signing that contract.

Small Business Expertise

As a small business, you want an accounting firm that knows how to manage cash flow and tax requirements specific to the size of the business. Certain rules and regulations are specific to small businesses and start-ups, this makes it even more important to employ a firm that specializes in working with smaller companies 

Industry-Specific Knowledge

It is advisable to employ a firm with specialized expertise in your field of business. As every industry comes with its own regulations and tax implications it helps to work with a team that is used to navigating the industry-specific concerns. You should be able to check their reputation with your industry peers.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Ensure that you find a firm that specializes in tax services. You want a team that can optimize your tax strategies while ensuring tax compliance. 

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Small businesses are often looking for ways to grow so thorough reporting and sound financial analysis are crucial in accounting for entrepreneurs. Your accounting firm should be able to provide you with in-depth insights that help you make informed decisions regarding your business’s future. 

Business Advisory Services

Some firms offer additional resources such as advisory services. Being able to get guidance on things like business planning, financial forecasts, and growth strategies is advantageous. 

Audit and Assurance Services

If your business requires regular audits for regulatory compliance, it is advisable to look for an accounting firm with a strong reputation in these fields. 

Cost-Effective Services

Small businesses often mean small budgets. So finding an accounting firm that is able to balance expertise with competitive pricing is paramount. 

Regulatory Compliance

Because there are specific regulations and compliance requirements for every type of business, it is important to choose a firm that is familiar with your specific requirements. Be sure to check the firm’s knowledge and cross-reference any claims of success. 

Technology Integration

Technology such as accounting software allows firms to offer advanced and accurate services while giving clients greater control over their finances.

Client References and Reputation

Reputation is very important when it comes to financial management, be sure to look for a firm with a strong track record and good reviews.


As businesses grow their accounting needs change. It is always a good idea to plan for the best-case scenario so make sure the firm you chose is able to meet possible increased demand. Take note of their current turnaround times and use that as a benchmark to see it they can meet your evolving requirements. 

Choosing The Best Accounting Software Solution

When looking for an accounting software solution that takes the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur into consideration, look into Sage. The software is cost-effective and customizable which is ideal for the needs of a small business.

Sage is also easy to integrate with common business software. It is easy to use but also scalable which means it can grow to adapt to your business needs. The software comes with ongoing support and because it is cloud-based, it can be accessed virtually anywhere. It also offers excellent data security with user-friendly dashboards making onboarding and general use simple.

To learn more about Sage Accounting Software products and why they are the first choice click here.


There are many factors to consider when choosing an accounting firm for your small business. Trust is very important when deciding who to work with and finding a firm that shares your goals helps with this. 

When you embark on employing an accounting firm be sure that you assess your business needs first. Know what you are looking for and approach potential firms with the right questions at hand. If possible see if you can work with the firm for a trial period to see if they are a good fit and consider asking for a tailored package so you only pay for the services you will need to use. 

Why Outsource To Lescault and Walderman 

Outsourcing is ideal for small businesses. You are able to get the expertise of top consultants without the cost of an in-house accounting team. Lescault and Walderman is a business consulting firm that provides Accounting, Bookkeeping, and CFO Services to small to medium businesses across the United States. 

When you outsource your financial tasks to LWI you are able to tap into their team of 30 accountants across 18 states without the commitment of hiring full-time staff. Due to their extensive experience, LWI can streamline processes and optimize your time allowing you the chance to focus on your business’s core functions. 

To read about the Lescault and Walderman team, click here.

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