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Today’s workplace is truly amazing. We work with clients whose offices are just down the street and clients whose offices are a half a world away, each with the same productive relationship and successful end. In addition, we have employees and contractors on multiple continents and yet we come together to work seamlessly and communicate with each other and with our clients on a daily basis. Technology has literally eliminated the distance between us and allowed us to be virtually in the same room.

For those clients and readers who are considering moving to a remote structure, we thought we’d share some of the amazing technology that helps us to work together effectively regardless of physical location.

1. Join.me. Join.me is a wonderful screen-sharing technology that we use to allow one another to “look over our shoulder” at our computer screens. This simple web conferencing software uses a small file installed on your computer to connect through the internet to another computer, and allows you to literally share or look at their screen. It’s helpful for planning meetings, software implementation, training/demonstrations, report analysis and more.

2. Ringcentral. Ringcentral is an incredible VOIP service that we use to manage our entire phone system. Again, we have individuals all around the world, but with a RingCentral phone connected to the ethernet port on their computer, our employees and contractors are able to pick up the phone as if we were all in the same room. The web technologies and simple interface of RingCentral truly change the way you think about communication, allowing you to set up custom business rules, transfer schemes, and (our favorite feature) receive voicemail messages and faxes directly in your email inbox (or, in our case, through the email app on our smartphones). Ringcentral makes it possible for us to take our office with us everywhere we go and never be more than a phone call or fax away from our clients.

3. Sharepoint Online. Sharepoint online is a full-featured data repository and information management system developed by Microsoft. It allows us to securely store, access, edit and update our entire library of client documents and reports through a simple web browser. What was once stored individually on various computers is now collected and fed through streams from each of our clients and consultants and managed by a central administrator. The power to have one click access to any and all client and corporate information is unparalleled. Our investment in this technology has been one of the truly amazing differentiators of the last few years.

There you have it, 3 amazing technologies that connect us, shrink our world and give us instant access to the people and critical information that we need on a daily basis. Since we’ve moved to a more virtual business model, we’ve experienced an exponential increase in productivity and results. If you’d like to learn more about how we made the move to remote work or need help making the move yourself, please contact us at 866-496-2042.

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