Nonprofits – Keep Hope!

To all those who have been fighting this battle from the trenches - keep hope! In an article published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy last week (click here for the article), the biggest challenge for non-profit success has been acknowledged by those who have the capacity to make a change. For decades, foundations, [...]

Quickbooks 2016

New Features in Quickbooks 2016 For some, it is an early Christmas. For others, it is more features that need to be learned. Either way, QB 2016 is here and has some handy new features that are now available. Bill Tracker This new feature provides information to allow the user to manage bills in [...]

Restaurants and Tip Income

Restaurants and Tip Income How are tips affected by taxes? What are the different methods of assigning tip income? Are there credits to be taken as a restaurant owner? All of these are valid questions that need to be answered when figuring taxes for a restaurant. Total Receipts Restaurant employers must make sure that [...]

Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions Thinking of ways to receive deductions on your upcoming tax return? There are different methods, but many go the route of charitable contributions. Charitable contributions can be a simple way to help the donor, while also helping others in need. What method should I use on my taxes? How much can [...]

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