Gadgets5 Must-Have Gadgets for Small Businesses

Considering the uncertainty of the job market and the stresses of the overall financial climate, the self-directed options of entrepreneurship are enticing more and more professionals.  Actually, there has never been a better time to start and run a small business.

Technology has made operating a small business and competing with conglomerates significantly more affordable.  Following are a few must-have gadgets to help you run your small business more efficiently and effectively.

1. A Logitech Conference Camera
While basic built-in laptop webcams are somewhat useful in a pinch, Logitech’s complete line of conference cameras make it convenient and affordable to host multi-point, multi-person video conferencing on a small business budget.  With the ability to zoom, pan, tilt and transmit full-motion HD quality video, these network connected cameras help you look professional with a minimal investment and even more minimal effort.

2. An Apple iPad
The original iPad (and now the iPad 2) is truly a revolutionary device, and is a very cost effective way for small businesses to manage and share information like emails, reports, financial documents and more.  The portability and functionality of this little wonder make it a must-have for portable, lightweight networked connectivity.  Making it even more useful are the multitude of affordable apps being developed and affordably offered through the Apple store.

3. An HP Folio Ultrabook
While Apple’s MacBook Air is an incredible device, HP’s Ultrabook is a much more cost-effective solution for small businesses purchasing multiple lightweight laptops.  While slightly heavier and thicker than it’s Apple competitor, these small notebook computers are still much smaller and lighter than full-size laptops.  It’s impressive how much connectivity and productivity HP has packed into these little marvels.  They are probably one of the smartest investments a small business can make in today’s gadget-saturated marketplace.

4. A Samsung Smartphone
Built on the quickly emerging Android platform, Samsung smartphones are surprisingly effective alternatives to the ever-popular iPhone.  The previous Galaxy Note and now the Galaxy S3 handsets being offered by Samsung are affordable, packed with features and very well designed.   At half the cost of their infamous i-competitor, it’s truly amazing how these mini-computers improve communication and business operations on the road.

5. A BlueAnt Handsfree Car Kit
Considering the amount of time spent commuting and traveling to and from client and vendor sites, BlueAnt’s Handsfree Car Kits are a great investment for the hands-on small business owner.  As more states outlaw texting while driving, this device attaches to the sun visor in your car and allows users to answer and make calls using voice-activated commands.  It also reads incoming text messages and driving directions for connections to GPS-enabled phones.  These simple little gadgets are the perfect compliment to the Samsung smartphones highlighted in the previous point.

While there are many other gadgets that could have been included in this article, these 5 handle the bulk of the communication and production involved in the day-to-day operations of a small business and are thus the must-have items for our list.  If you have any other suggestions for must-have gadgets, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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