QBProAdvisorLogoSquareGoing from working with Quickbooks Desktop to working with Quickbooks Online can be a game changer for businesses. Working online can provide many more options that allow your business to function more efficiently.


Online platforms simply offer more options. When it comes to taxes, paying federal and state taxes has never been easier. Once the forms are filled out, they can be filed electronically and the process becomes much more streamlined.


With Quickbooks Online, direct deposit becomes a free service to pay employees. Fears about security are also easily assuaged, as Online backs up user information every night and uses bank-level security to do so.


One of the most important options for an online platform is being able to share work with others. Other users can view, edit, and sync data files in real-time in a secure manner. Bookkeepers, accountants, and other employees can rejoice.

No More Data Entry

Data entry can be a tedious process that takes up valuable time and resources within any business. With Quickbooks Online, inefficiencies can be eliminated. Within the program, banks accounts can be linked, and transactions can be categorized and reconciled automatically.

Quickbooks Online Homepage

The homepage for Quickbooks Online provides a business owner with an overview of all their finances. This view provides a better big-picture analysis for the business’s finances and shows the components that may need more attention.

Business Apps Available

Quickbooks Online offers 400 business apps to help streamline the process of running your business. Data can be synced and imported from apps such as Paypal and Square. Online also offers a mobile app that allows a user to take photos of receipts and attach them to transactions within the platform.


New to the Quickbooks platform, Online allows a business to automatically schedule and send invoices. No more sticky note reminders on computer monitors.


Within the package of Quickbooks Online is unlimited U.S. based support. This unlimited support is not included in the Desktop version, and many times a Care Plan needs to be bought with other products that could cost a business a pretty penny.

Quickbooks Advisor

There are options to connect with a local Quickbooks Advisor. The advisor can assist in customizing Quickbooks Online and can help with migrating from Quickbooks Pro or Premier.


When it comes to switching over to Quickbooks Online from Quickbooks Desktop, there are advantages that almost anyone can get behind. Whether it is ease of use between employees, or being able to eliminate data entry to save time, many conveniences lie within Online that make the switch worthwhile for businesses.

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