Case Management SoftwareLawyers are among the busiest professionals in the business world, continually educating themselves on the latest statutes and laws, managing administrative and billing tasks, and balancing client needs with research and case preparation. Fortunately, there are many technical solutions that help to streamline some of this work. Following are a few of the top case management software packages on the market today.

First, Rocket Matter is a month-to-month subscription service with no long-term contract and pricing at $65/month for the 1st user and $55/month for each additional user. It can handle individual and firm-wide calendaring, task tracking, client/contact management, document storage, trust accounting, time/expense tracking, reporting and legal billing. Ideal for small to medium sized firms, this software integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of back office accounting systems, productivity programs such as Outlook, Word and Google Calendar and storage sites such as Dropbox and Evernote. In addition to being a cross-platform web-based solution, Rocket Matter is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Second, Clio is a $65/month case management solution (with discounts for annual subscriptions) that works with Quickbooks, Outlook, Google Tools and third-party credit card processors such as Paypal. This web-based solution (note mobile apps are also available) offers client/contact management, task scheduling, document collaboration and management, time tracking, billing/invoice generation, trust accounting, performance reporting and automatic call tracking. It also features document scanning/uploading and a secure communications and client portal that makes it easy to share information and updates. One of the most inviting aspects of Clio is that all integrations are provided at no additional costs.

Next, MyCase is a less expensive monthly subscription service that costs just $39/month/attorney and/or $29/month/paralegal/staff member. This self-proclaimed “Social Practice Management Tool” features a secure team and client communication portal, document collaboration/management/storage, case and client management, task and calendar scheduling/management, time tracking and billing, and trust accounting. It also includes the ability to receive online payments from nearly any third-party processor. As with most of these web-based solutions, it conveniently translates to mobile with apps available for smartphones, iPads and a variety of tablets. This service is ideal for small practices and individual attorneys seeking a solid solution at the most affordable rate.

Finally, AbacusLaw is a complete monthly service starting at just $47/month/user but scaling up to $197/month for its full virtual law practice management solution. This software consists of several modules which can be accessed from “any modern device with an internet connection”, configured and connected according to the individual needs of the firm. AbacusLaw offers rules-based calendar management, case/contact management, document and email management, form completion, case noting, instant messaging, time tracking/billing, trust accounting, check writing, credit card processing, ACH billing and more. In addition, they offer Practice Area Legal Solutions, specially developed, pre-configured products to meet the unique needs of specific areas of law. Boasting the ability to “access your practice anytime, anywhere and from any device”, AbacusLaw is ideal for even the largest of firms but can benefit and serve the needs of any growing practice.

If you’ve been thinking of implementing a case management solution at your firm and need assistance selecting the right “fit”, contact Lescault and Walderman today at 866-496-2042 for a free analysis and consultation. We have years of experience and expertise in all areas of back office and practice management technologies and can help you find a profitable long-term solution that delivers maximum ROI.

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