Healthcare Accounting Software

Are the accounting functions of your practice limiting your healthcare operations? Lackluster software that isn’t designed for your medical practice’s daily operations may lead to slow financial reporting and accounting inefficiencies, leaving much to be desired.

The unfortunate reality is that many in the healthcare industry overlook the need for dedicated accounting resources. This leads to — often costly — pitfalls that limit growth and raise new challenges for healthcare professionals such as:

  • Medical billing and coding errors that directly affect the status of a claim
  • Weakened security and data management flaws jeopardizing your HIPAA compliance
  • Overly complex financial workflows that prevent accounting processes from running smoothly

Healthcare is continuing to evolve with innovation and technology advancements at the forefront, so why should your financials be any different?

Best Accounting Software for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Cloud accounting software, designed specifically with healthcare organizations in mind, is the missing link to your practice’s success. We’ve highlighted the reasons our team recommends Sage Intacct to better support your healthcare accounting needs.

Multi-entity capabilities

Accounting software that cannot properly manage multiple offices creates headaches with tracking key metrics and performance monitoring. The world-class automation of Sage Intacct helps to centralize your financials, giving you instant access to all of your data across locations. With streamlined revenue management, you’ll be better equipped for scalability and adapting to rapid growth.

Integration with patient-care software

Disconnected medical and billing systems prevent things from running smoothly. That’s why you need a solution that integrates with your existing patient-care systems. Not only does this improve satisfaction and the patient experience, but it also slashes costs, saving you hours of time with one-click journal entries, quick data consolidation, and customized user dashboards for easy access to more relevant information.

Advanced security and HIPAA compliance

Adhering to the strict security and privacy regulations of the healthcare industry is a full-time job. Sage Intacct provides an advanced audit trail that keeps your system accountable and on track, giving you the peace of mind to focus more of your time on strategic planning.

Accurate and reliable reporting

Riddled with errors, manual spreadsheets are prone to inaccurate data that — when compounded over time — could be putting your practice at serious risk. With a fully integrated system and access to real-time reporting, you’ll gain quick access to real, measurable results that drive the decisions affecting your organization.

A Team Uniquely Designed for Your Healthcare Accounting System

At Lescault and Walderman, our goal is to transform your healthcare accounting, bringing you more flexibility and usability. We want you to get the most out of your personalized accounting solution while maximizing your potential, which is why we work alongside you to put the necessary financial resources and processes in place.

By using the leading industry software, your entire healthcare system will benefit from boosting your accounting efficiency and streamlining your primary finance functions.

Learn more about how we can help improve the financial health of your practice and set up your free discovery call with one of our healthcare accounting experts.

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