A Maryland-based healthcare company has implemented the Sage Intacct cloud-based financial management platform for Sage’s ability to handle multi-entity accounting and provide detailed reporting across its business.

Over the past 14 years, this provider has seen significant growth in revenue and company size, with over 100 employees and 3 reporting entities.

Before implementing Sage Intacct as its accounting foundation, they relied on various applications to manage its complex accounting workflows. Invoicing across multiple entities was difficult. And with some invoices having 1000+ line items, they needed a better invoicing solution.

Reporting was done in spreadsheets, which was cumbersome and didn’t provide detailed insights, such as the ability to report on individual employees. They also lacked the flexibility to report across multiple entities.

To switch to Sage Intacct software, the provider worked closely with accounting firm Lescault & Walderman, a Sage Business Partner, to ensure a seamless and thorough transition.

Optimal chose Sage Intacct for its support of multidimensional organizations, flexible invoicing, and detailed reporting capabilities. Now they manage all their accounting in one place, can invoice with ease, and have their complex reporting needs met. They even found a $1,000,000 tax refund from years prior that had been totally overlooked! They discovered this oversight and received their refund, thanks to Sage Intacct and Lescault & Walderman.

Working with Lescault & Walderman, this thriving healthcare service provider went live on the Sage Intacct platform across all entities in early 2022. Lescault & Walderman was able to consolidate their software, switch from cash to accrual accounting, and set up reporting and invoicing.

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