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Internal monitoring devices only inform you that your server is functioning properly, not if your customers can actually reach it or not, or what kind of response times they are experiencing. Spysure network version, an external Internet monitoring tool, will alert you the instant a performance or availability issue is detected in your online infrastructure through its constantly monitoring remote software. Only an Internet monitoring tool can pinpoint weaknesses in the online chain of command.

While many customers make use of internal (as opposed to external or Internet) monitoring tool options such as spysure network version ,spysure office version ,spysure home version , or another monitoring device, a remote Internet monitoring tool really is the only way to be absolutely sure your online services are available to your users at all times. Spysure network version is the most comprehensive external Website monitoring (remote) software available.

To show, let’s say your Web server is on your own internal LAN (Local Area Network), and you have a local monitoring device installed which checks the server for uptime or response time directly from inside your network. By default, this monitoring device will normally take the shortest path through your network to reach the target server, meaning it will not traverse many of the devices that your customers must go through, including routers, firewalls, external DNS servers, and/or your ISP (Internet Service Provider), as an Internet monitoring/remote software tool would.

The first device most people consider when planning to monitor their Internet connectivity, either internally or via remote monitoring software, is the Web server. There are, however, a number of other crucial devices and commonly deployed services that companies need to track using an Internet monitoring tool as well. Why? – Because the more devices along the Web server chain you monitor, the easier it is to highlight and resolve any connectivity problems that arise. An internal monitoring device cannot help you in this situation. You need to be monitoring with remote software.

For instance, in the event of a DNS server stoppage, Spysure network version would be unable to locate your website. If your website were the only Internet device being monitored, it would take a great deal of investigation to determine the cause of its failure. If, however, both your DNS server and your website were being monitored via remote software, you would have received two alerts: (1) because your DNS server was down and (2) because your website would be inaccessible. In this case, you would be immediately aware that a DNS server failure rendered your website inaccessible, allowing for faster repair. This is not possible using only an internal monitoring device.

Internet monitoring tool key features

Records all system activities.
Records all keystrokes typed.
Records all websites visited.
Records all programs executed, folders explored, files opened or edited, documents printed etc.
Records all windows opened.
Records all clipboard text content.
Records all actions on self.
Records web-mails sent (database update online, more and more web-mail servers are supported).
Records all ICQ Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).
Records all MSN Messenger chat conversations
Records all AOL/AIM Messenger chat conversations
Records all Yahoo! Messenger chat conversations (* both sides).
Runs invisible in the background, and protected by password.
Schedule monitor process, set time to start or stop monitoring.
Creates text or html logs report, good format for reading.
Sends logs report via e-mail.
Sends logs report via ftp.
Hides absolutely under Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP, can’t be found in task manager
Extremely easy to use
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