Personal FinanceBecause professionals spend so much time and energy tending to their business interests, it can be difficult to dedicate the required attention to personal responsibilities.  Fortunately, when it comes to personal finances, there are a number of fantastic sites that help time-challenged individuals to oversee and manage their fiscal responsibilities and resources.  Here are a few of our favorite:

1. Get Rich Slowly. was recently named one of the best blogs by Time magazine and the most inspiring money blog by Money magazine.  This site is a wealth of sensible personal finance information that will help individuals to make the most of their financial resources.  As the title suggests, this site isn’t about fast money or get-rich-quick schemes.  Instead, it offers daily advice and information on how to eliminate debt, maximize savings and invest practically.  They also review personal finance books, magazine and tools.

2. The Simple Dollar. is a casual, but helpful personal finance advice and information blog written by a former self-confessed “spending maniac”.  Primarily concerned with helping individuals combat and eliminate bad spending habits, this site offers some simple but solid steps to change the way financial resources are used and managed by everyday spenders.  One of the most impressive (and encouraging) things about this site is that you know the author has been where you are and overcome their own financial shortcomings.

3. The Digerati Life. is on a mission to provide an “online resource for anyone who wants to earn more, save more and invest more of their money”.  The principle differentiation with this site is that (as its name suggests) it is geared toward individuals who embrace the digital lifestyle and welcome every opportunity to take advantage of the accompanying technologies.  Visitors here find the latest and greatest on the various online tools and techniques regarding money management, investing, spending, shopping and anything else related to making the most of personal resources.  As with the best of these sites, this one is both educational and entertaining, and welcomes discussion and commentary by its readers.

Using the advice and information that you find on these helpful sites, we strongly recommend that you use, a free and secure personal finance tool offered by Intuit.  Mint is where you will organize and track all of your financial activity, from your multiple accounts to your spending to your savings and investments.  This is literally the best tool on the market today and brings everything together, providing you with the data that you need to measure your personal financial success.

While it’s perfectly understandable that work life requires the majority of your attention, sites such as these help to make sure you aren’t neglecting your hard-earned rewards through abusive spending, negligent saving, and inadequate investment strategies.  With some regular reading and a little personal discipline (as these sites’ authors will attest), anyone can take control of their money and secure their financial futures.

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