How Outsourced Accounting Can Enhance Your Staffing Company Financials

Does your staffing company’s accounting software feel outdated or difficult to use? Do you find yourself sorting through stacks of paperwork or spreadsheets to find key financial information? If so, it may be time to rethink your accounting processes and look at outsourcing.

You have spent enough time to know that accurate and timely accounting is crucial to properly tracking your revenue and staying profitable. Outsourcing your accounting reduces your in-house costs of hiring an accountant. In addition, it gives you access to both a wealth of knowledge (from a whole team of specialized accountants) and additional controller or CFO level services that will improve your staffing company’s bottom line.

By outsourcing, you could be growing your business faster and building better workflows. Take a look at the following benefits you’ll gain when you partner with a dedicated accounting team like Lescault and Walderman.

  1. Seamless integrations with a single interface

With your staffing company’s accounting, you need connected solutions that work. An experienced outsourced partner can help guide you toward solutions that align with your goals. If you’re using different systems to invoice clients, run your payroll, award commissions, or track a project, there is an easier way. When you outsource, you’ll get the help you need from a trusted accounting consultant to organize and effectively manage your financials in an integrated solution, tailored specifically for your business. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you are better informed and have easy access to all of your key financial data.

Outdated software and manual processes may cause you to receive inaccurate accounting information and could be costing you valuable time and money that is better spent elsewhere. Here are a couple of warning signs that should get you thinking about outsourcing:

  • Your accounting software doesn’t integrate with new apps or existing operational systems, making them time-consuming (and potentially causing you to miss opportunities).
  • Extra, unnecessary time is spent moving between separate systems for payroll and billing.
  • There aren’t any automation tools built into your software that could improve your reporting and billing processes.
  1. Decision-ready insight into financials

When selecting your outsourced accounting firm, be sure you have access to timely and relevant financial information so you can be confident in your decision-making. Select a partner that can determine your best fit and create a tailor-made solution that offers a high level of insight into your financials. Our team uses best-in-class cloud accounting software to quickly deliver reports for next-level insight and visibility, so you understand your cash flow in a more informative way.

We oversee your reporting and the management of your financials to support your growth and guide you toward your goals. We can customize your reporting to help assess a particular job’s profitability or potential revenue, determine how your cash flow is affected in real-time, and manage your invoice factoring to ensure you have access to accurate data.

  1. Easy access to real-time support and better financial results

Outsourcing your accounting operations with a trusted partner will provide you with real-time support as your staffing contracts fluctuate, based on your business model. We can align your costs and efforts with the work you actually see coming through the door, so your financials are positioned for positive long-term growth.


Get the most out of outsourcing with Lescault and Walderman

Working with a trusted partner who understands your industry will lessen your financial burden and free up your time to focus more on your business. With our help, we will identify the best solution that supports your staffing company and existing workflows.

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