Hiring a Contractor vs an Employee

If your company is in need of a new hire, you can choose to hire an employee or a contractor. Both of these roles have different benefits, costs, and tax implications. To understand what these differences are, you should first know how the contractor position varies from a standard employee. The option that’s best for […]

What is a comptroller vs controller?

Comptroller and controllers are important positions when it comes to the financial operations of practically any business. While these positions are both considered to be senior roles with relatively similar duties, comptrollers and controllers work in completely different industries. In this article, you’ll learn more about the differences between comptrollers and controllers.

What Is a Comptroller?

Comptrollers […]

Benefits of Paperless Accounts Payable

Even though using paper to keep track of accounts payable is still exceedingly common, paperless accounts payable has become increasingly popular over the past decade. As your company grows, there’s a good chance that invoices will also increase, which means that processing paper invoices will be even more costly and time-consuming. It’s possible to avoid […]

How Outsourced Accounting Can Enhance Your Staffing Company Financials

How Outsourced Accounting Can Enhance Your Staffing Company Financials

Does your staffing company’s accounting software feel outdated or difficult to use? Do you find yourself sorting through stacks of paperwork or spreadsheets to find key financial information? If so, it may be time to rethink your ’accounting and […]

Three Accounting Pain Points Staffing Companies Should Eliminate

Many staffing companies suffer from under-utilizing their accounting software or even by using an accounting platform that doesn’t rightly serve their needs. What’s worse, a few companies affected by bad accounting are unaware of the true extent of the problem. How do you know if your accounting is limiting you? Continue […]

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