6 Free Google Tools You Need to Include in Your Business Plan

As all small business owners know a business plan is a road map for the next 3 to 5 years to come.  One of the most important steps in building a map is finding and implementing the right tools for business.  Fortunately for today’s small business owner, there are Google Tools.  Everybody uses Google on a day to day basis for one thing or another.  Google Tools are essential if you plan to use the Internet for your business.  Here are 6 of the most important tools.


Google Drive
Google Drive allows for the creation, storage and virtual access of a wide variety of files (including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation slides).  All files are available and accessible from any device that has the Google Drive on it.  Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Androids and more allow for the sharing and collaboration of business documents.  Thanks to the generosity of Google, the storage for these documents is practically infinite.  Using Google Drive, business owners can work collaboratively with their team to create and maintain an effective business library.

Google +
Google + is arguably the most popular and well known of the Google Tools.  It is important for people wanting to promote their business using social media.  This is a social network and connects with Gmail accounts.  Using Google +, business owners can connect with associates and clients and share and comment on content.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools provide insight on how well a website is performing.  It helps to effectively manage keywords and site statistics, and is critical for anyone looking to increase site traffic. Using Google Webmaster, business owners can identify and correct issues with their website to ensure a positive visitor experience.

Google Analytics
This is a tool that takes the statistics offered in Webmaster Tools and provides more organized information on them.  It allows business owners to measure sales and conversions, and provides fresh insight to how visitors are using their website.  Google Analytics shows how visitors arrived there, what they did while they were on the site, and even provides suggestions on how to keep them coming back.  This is a powerful, easy to use tool.  Using Google Analytics, business owners can work intelligently to make their website more user-friendly.

Google Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tools is part of the Google Adword platform.  It provides a wealth of search data, and can be used to see how many people are searching for a certain word or phrase.  Using the Google Keyword Tool, business owners can determine the best keywords/phrases to use on their website.

Google Apps
Google Apps offers email, contacts, and calenders that are accessible anywhere, anytime via the Internet on your mobile device, laptop, or computer.  Using Google Apps, it is possible for companies to share information rather than sending/receiving it.  This real-time document editing cuts down on the hassle of sending email attachments and file type confusion.

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