Cloud computing is the new hot trend in computing today, and considering the convenience and benefits it offers, it’s not surprising. The ability to become untethered from individual machines and devices, improve collaboration, increase productivity and provide for data security (through online backup services) offers some incredibly affordable advantages to small businesses everywhere.
Online File StorageOnline backup services such as those highlighted in this article offer secure off-site file storage on remote servers. By using an online backup service, your data is kept secure and intact, even if your local drives and/or devices are stolen or damaged. In addition, your employees can share documents and collaborate on projects without having to worry about version control and bandwidth restrictions.

When considering different methods and types of online backup services, there are several important questions to ask:

  1. Does the service update new and changed files immediately/automatically?
  2. Does it allow syncing or sharing of data?
  3. Can it back up files, even when someone has a copy open?
  4. Are there web clients for retrieving documents?
  5. Are there mobile/Mac/Android clients, etc?
  6. How do they handle/charge for multiple computers or devices?

Below is a list of some of the top online backup services and the current pricing for the services they provide. Ultimately, businesses must decide which best fits with their needs.

Online Back up Service Stated Price Free Plan
Back Blaze $50/year for unlimited storage for 1 PC 15 day trial
Carbonite $59/year for unlimited storage for 1 PC 15 day trial
Crash Plan $60/year for unlimited storage for 1 PC 30 day trial and
free local
I Drive $49.50/year for 150 GB on unlimited devices 5 GB free
Jungle Disk $3/month plus storage fees None
Kinetic D $3.95/PC plus $.50/GB/month 14-day trial
MiMedia $49/year for 100 GB and unlimited PCs 7 GB free
MozyHome $5.99/month for 50 GB on 1 PC 2 GB free
Nomadesk $10/month/user with unlimited storage 30 day trial
Norton Online Back Up $50/25 GB for up to 5 PCs 30 days/5GB
SOS Online Backup $99.99/year/5 PCs with 100GB service 5GB with
Facebook or
mobile signup
Spider Oak $100/year for unlimited PCs and 100 GB storage 2 GB

Regardless of which online backup service you choose, the protection they provide will ultimately make them worth the investment. If you have questions about selecting and implementing a company-wide backup, Schedule an Introductory Call today at 866-496-2042.

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