SecurityAfter spending time and effort securing passwords and data many businesses simply stop there and move on with no consideration for physical security. It is the single most overlooked component of security for just about every business size. Why this happens is a mystery.

We go to great lengths each and every day to secure our personal effects. Think about what we do personally. We install locks on the doors to our homes, we install monitored security alarms, we install safes to protect our valuables, we lock our vehicle doors every time we get out of them, and the list goes on. Why, when we invest so much time and money in securing personal items, do we fail to consider the same security for our business items?

There seems to be a mentality that a lock on the front door of a business and a monitored alarm are sufficient physical security measures. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Think about all the other items in your business that aren’t physically secured and ask yourself what the cost and/or impact would be if they were lost.

Sensitive employee and client files/information. If these files and folders were removed from your office what could happen? Do you have these files in a locking cabinet? Is it ever locked? Is the cabinet itself in a locked room?

Computers and computer equipment. Cable locks are available for PC’s and laptops and are inexpensive. Do you have some form of lock for your computers? Consider the potential problems if one (or more) of your computers were removed from your office. What data is stored on them?

Servers. For those that have high-end servers and equipment, they understand both the cost of the equipment as well as the nature of the data stored on them. Are they in a locked location?

What about access to your office? During off hours, how do you track who comes and goes? Do you have an electronic system that logs the access? Do you have a security camera system in place?

While each business has to make a determination of the type and level of security it implements, all businesses should have some form of physical security in place; something beyond just a lock on the front door. A simple security camera system that records access is inexpensive to implement and provides both a deterrent as well as helpful video evidence in the event of theft.

Another problem is that business owners seem to focus the majority (if not all) of physical security on the outside-in principal, thinking that security is to keep outsiders out. Very little, if any, consideration is placed on the fact that the majority of theft of assets and information comes from within. Not keeping valuable assets locked and/or away from the general employee population is a significant risk to you, your business, and your clients. Not to mention, depending on your business model, you may be required to physically secure certain items in order to be compliant with governmental laws and vendor requirements.

We at Lescault & Walderman can help you develop a comprehensive physical security plan for your office. By looking at what you currently have in place we can help tailor a plan to secure all of your physical assets and information. Call us today for a free consultation.

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